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Women's Health Nurse Practitioner WHNP

Phoenix, AZ · Healthcare · $110,000-$145,000

Job Title: Women's Health / OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner (WHNP OR WHNP-BC)

  • $25,000 Hire on Bonus!
  • Salary Range:  $110,0000-$145,000 Depending on experience
  • Top Benefits!
  • Location: Phoenix, Az

**Job Title:** Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

**Location:** Phoenix, Arizona

**Company:** StaffClinix Women's Health Services

**About Us:**
StaffClinix Women's Health Services is a leading healthcare provider committed to delivering high-quality women's health services in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to empower women to take control of their health and well-being by providing comprehensive and compassionate care that meets their unique needs.

Job Description

We are seeking a dedicated and compassionate Women's Health Nurse Practitioner to join our team in Phoenix, Arizona. The Women's Health Nurse Practitioner will play a crucial role in providing comprehensive healthcare services to women of all ages, addressing their unique health needs, and promoting overall well-being. This position offers an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of women in our community.

**Key Responsibilities:**

1. **Patient Assessment:** Conduct thorough health assessments, including medical history, physical examinations, and specialized women's health assessments, to formulate accurate diagnoses.

2. **Diagnostic and Preventive Care:** Develop and implement appropriate treatment plans, prescribe medications, and provide a full range of preventive care services, including vaccinations and screenings.

3. **Reproductive Health:** Offer family planning services, contraceptive counseling, and educate patients on various birth control methods.

4. **Pregnancy Care:** Provide prenatal and postpartum care, monitoring the health of both mother and baby, and offering guidance on pregnancy-related issues.

5. **Gynecological Care:** Perform gynecological examinations, screenings, and diagnostic tests such as Pap smears, breast exams, and bone density assessments.

6. **Menopausal Care:** Support women through the menopausal transition, addressing symptoms, and providing guidance on hormone therapy and lifestyle changes.

7. **Women's Health Education:** Educate patients on women's health issues, self-care practices, and lifestyle modifications to enhance their overall well-being.

8. **Collaboration:** Collaborate with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive and holistic care for patients.

9. **Record Keeping:** Maintain detailed and accurate patient records, including medical histories, examinations, diagnoses, and treatment plans.

10. **Patient Advocacy:** Advocate for the health and rights of women, ensuring that they receive the highest quality healthcare services with empathy and respect.


- Master's or Doctoral degree in Nursing with Women's Health Nurse Practitioner specialization.
- Current state Nurse Practitioner license and certification.
- Strong understanding of women's health issues and the ability to provide sensitive and compassionate care.
- Excellent clinical and diagnostic skills.
- Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.
- Knowledge of electronic health records and medical software.
- Willingness to stay updated on the latest developments in women's healthcare.
- BLS and ACLS certification (if required).

- 5 weeks of paid time off (PTO)
- Student Loan Payment Program
- Excellent Health Insurance
[Include any additional benefits and perks your organization offers.]

**How to Apply:**
To apply for the Women's Health Nurse Practitioner position in Phoenix, Arizona, please submit your resume and cover letter to You can also visit the job opportunities page at for more information and to submit your application online.

At StaffClinix Women's Health Services, we are committed to providing high-quality women's healthcare services in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are a dedicated and compassionate Women's Health Nurse Practitioner who shares our passion for women's health, we encourage you to apply and join our team in making a positive difference in the lives of women in our community.

StaffClinix Women's Health Services is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees and patients.

Kita Kanazeh
Physician Recruiter
1.800.547.2157 ext 103

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